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Core Values

  • Responsibility – defining good government as one that lives within its means and whose leaders spend a tax dollar as if it were their own.
  • Accountability – expecting governments at all levels to answer to the people for the decisions they have made.
  • Entrepreneurship – providing a climate where our best and brightest can succeed through hard work and initiative.
  • Self-Reliance – supporting people who are able to help themselves become independent.
  • Compassion – caring for those in society who, through no fault of their own, need support.
  • Stewardship – passing on a natural environment to future generations that is the same or better than the one we inherited.
  • Patriotism – taking pride in our cultures, our communities and our province as part of a strong, united Canada.
  • Respect – treating all citizens equally, regardless of ability, race, gender, religion, language, First Nations status, marital status and/or sexual orientation.



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